Modern Bathroom Remodel

Top 10 Things to Think About Before You Remodel Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is an exciting prospect. Whether you want to achieve a more contemporary look, get more usable storage, or change the layout altogether, there are lots of things to think about.

No matter what your ultimate goal might be, the functionality should always be at the core of your decision. Planning ahead will ensure that your new bathroom will give you enjoyment for many years to come.

Here are the top ten bathroom remodel concerns you should consider before you dive in:

1. Plumbing

Bathroom drains tend to process a lot of gunk and debris. Hair, soap scum – you would be surprised! Though the standard for drains in the home is 1-1/2”, the larger, the better. Upgrading to a 2” drain pipe means it is less likely to clog, and it doesn’t cost much more. If your framing allows for it, 2” drain pipes are the way to go.

2.  Lighting

Having lots of natural light in the bathroom is ideal, but you don’t always have that option. Be sure the room is lit up in all the right places. Think about recessed lighting in the ceiling, sconces by the mirror, and one or two lights in the shower with the appropriate shower trim. Lighted mirrors are also an option, as are LED light strips. Today’s LEDs can be cool or warm according to your preference, and many are adjustable.

3. Cabinets

Remodeled Bathroom

Bathroom cabinetry is essential for storage of essentials, linens, and personal items. If you have enough room in the wall to recess your medicine cabinet, you can reclaim a few inches over your vanity. Drawers and cabinets are perfect for storing towels and supplies. Drawers, in particular, are much easier to organize than cabinets, and they can be cut around plumbing to maximize space.

4. Wall-Mounted Toilets

A toilet is a necessary appliance, but with today’s wall-mounted designs, it can be stylish too. With a wall-mounted toilet, the tank is inside the wall, giving you a sleek, streamlined look that fits nicely with modern and contemporary design. Another plus – these fixtures are no longer hugely expensive. However, if you ever change your mind, you’ll have to re-route the water supply, so it’s a good idea to put some thought into it before you make your final decision.

5. Windows

Luxury Bathroom with Large Window

Windows in the bathroom are helpful for several reasons. They allow natural light, they potentially contribute to ventilation and airflow, and they look great too. Depending on the location of the window, you might want to consider a frosted pane for privacy. Be sure the frame is watertight and that the sill slopes down for drainage purposes. Plastic handles are an option to consider as well, as they won’t rust. A tilt-and-turn opening is preferred to ensure maximum privacy.

6. Shower Niches

Recessed niches in the shower help you stow away your bath products, so they don’t fall on the floor or get in the way. A niche can be built into the tile work or it can be a separate unit, tiled in. Place your niche above the waistline on the opposite wall to the shower head for the best accessibility.

7. Shower Floor

Your shower needs to drain efficiently, so it’s critical to ensure the shower floor slopes towards the drain. Larger tiles are more difficult to slope, and since the grout lines are further apart, the shower floor might be slipperier. Ultimately, it’s about your style and what suits you, but smaller tiles are preferred.

8. Tub or  No Tub?

If you have a bathtub that you never use, why not remove it entirely and enlarge the shower? A spa shower looks great and is a great way to gain some luxury. Double shower heads, multi-jet showers, or steam showers are all ideas to consider.

9. Under-Floor Heating

There’s nothing more comforting than a warm floor on a cold winter day. If you are already putting in a new bathroom floor, installing under-floor heating is a relatively simple task. They are energy efficient, they are low-voltage, and you generally won’t need an extra heater in the bathroom, so you might just save a little on your energy bills.

10. Tile or Panels in the Shower?

Tile is only one way to go for your shower enclosure. There are so many styles and patterns to choose from, so it’s easy to get the look you want. However, if you love natural stone and want the look of a solid, sleek, seamless wall, shower panels are something to consider. Marble, granite, and quartz look great in the shower, and while these choices are a little more high-end, we can value-engineer the situation to get you the look and performance you want without the price tag.

11. Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Your bathroom will feel more open and spa-like in comparison to when a traditional shower curtain or framed glass shower enclosure is in place. Whether its just shower remodeling or your entire bathroom, frameless glass shower enclosures give you the opportunity to completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom.


Are you getting ready for a bathroom remodel to your Twin Cities home? We would love to help. Reach out today, and let’s talk about your ideas!