determine the age of your roof

What is your home’s roof age? Most new homeowners don’t know or try to inquire about the age of their roofs until problems start to kick in.

When purchasing an older home, it’s paramount that you ask many questions concerning the house before moving in. It will help you know what to replace and what to repair. Also, you get to plan your finances well and prevent problems that may arise later.

How can I find out how old my roof is? If you don’t know the age of your roof, then you’re in the right place. Herein are several methods to determine your roof’s age.

How Can I Find Out How Old My Roof Is?

Your roof may have aged, but still, things appear normal. That’s why you shouldn’t depend on looks alone when determining the age of your home’s roof. But how can I find out how old my roof is?

Talk to Your New Neighbors

The first step regarding how to find roof age is engaging close neighbors. Neighbors have a lot of information that can turn helpful, especially if you’re still new in an area.

Be friendly to them and ask questions about your home. They may remember or estimate the year the roofing contractor installed your roof or give you information about the previous owner. 

Also, if your area has several roofing contractors/professionals, your neighbor may know the exact one that worked on your roof. This information will save you the trouble of contacting all of them.

Try Contacting the Previous Owners

Take this route if you’re lucky enough to get the contacts of your home’s previous owners. Your real estate agent, neighbors, or a quick internet search can give you a list of all the people that occupied your house before. The previous homeowner might have valuable information on your roof’s age.

Hire a Professional for a Visual Examination and Age Estimation

Perhaps you can’t reach the previous owners, or you don’t have any close neighbors. If that’s the case, consider hiring a roofing professional who knows how to find roof age by examining your roof visually and making an estimation.

With their knowledge and several years of experience, roofers can tell when the roofing installation happened. The better if you can get hold of the roofer that worked on your house.

Obtaining a Copy of Your Home’s Building or Roofing Permit

Usually, when you want to construct a new building, you must file or apply for a building permit from the local government. This document is also a must-have when making significant modifications to an existing house, like replacing your roof. It will help you determine the exact roof age of your house.

Your Local Roofing Company Can Help

Roofing companies have professionals who can inspect and provide estimates at a fee. You can use your local roofing company for the same, especially when you suspect that the roof could be up for replacement.

Chances are that your local roofing company provided the materials for the installation or last replacement. If so, they can provide you with copies of the receipts.

Why Is it Important to Know Your Home’s Roof Age?

Knowing your house’s roof age is essential since it will help you plan your expenses well. Doing so is necessary before moving to a new home. You want to know when you’ll need a new roof or if you should repair the existing roof.

Roof replacement can be costly if you don’t plan your finances. But if you know the roof’s age, you can plan your finances and shop for long-lasting roofing materials ahead of time. Asphalt Shingles, for instance, can last up to 30 years with proper care and maintenance.

Visual Signs of an Aged Roof

The above methods on how to find roof age can be long and tiring. Fortunately, there are visual signs that indicate your roof is old.

Water Damage and Leaks

Water damage around ceilings, chimneys, and corners of the house gives an impression there’s something wrong with roofing shingles. It could be that shingles are missing or damaged, perhaps due to wear and tear over time or harsh weather conditions. Obvious leaks happen during rainy seasons, so you may want to wait for the rains before moving in.

Curled Shingles

Shingles curling is an obvious sign you need roofing replacement. Shingles may curl due to many factors, including age, strong winds, or poor ventilation. Depending on the severity of the curling, you may have a few years left to plan your roof’s replacement.

Roof Decay or Rot

During rainy seasons, roofs experience excessive water runoff. If neglected, accumulation of water could lead to roof decay or rot. Consider hiring a professional at least once per year to inspect your roof.

Cracked Shingles

If your shingles are cracked, it’s time to call a roofing contractor for replacement.

Enlist a Roofing Expert

enlist a roofing expert

If you’re planning to purchase an old home, how to find its roof age is among the many things you should consider. Do whatever it takes to get the year the roofing installation happened. Talk to your neighbors, track down the previous owners if you have to, or get a copy of the building permit.

But why go through these processes? You can easily get expert opinions on your roof’s age by working with trusted roofing specialists. Contact A to Z Construction today for roof inspection services.