Common Mistakes to Avoid During Metal Roof Repair and Installation

Metal has now become a popular trend in the roofing industry as it gives a property a modern look and lasts longer as compared to other roofing systems. This is the reason, more and more property owners are installing metal roofs to keep their possessions protected from external elements and extreme weather conditions.

However, improper metal roof repair and installation not only reduce the lifespan of the roof but can also cause serious damages to your whole property. In a recent couple of years, while serving the homeowners with our quality residential roofing services at A to Z construction Inc, we have seen that people make mistakes during metal roof repair and installation projects.

In this blog post, we will cover the most common mistakes to look for when repairing or installing a new metal roof and how to avoid making those mistakes.

Incorrect Measurements

Not measuring the roof precisely is one of the main reasons to add extra costs to your roofing project. Wrong measurements lead to ordering the wrong sized metal panels for your roof. Before you order roof panels, make sure to do correct measurements to avoid project delays and additional costs. If you are not sure to measure your roof correctly, you can make use of a roofing calculator to ensure accuracy in your roofing measurement. Or you should hire metal roofing contractors to complete the project professionally.

Installing Fasteners Incorrectly

Whether you are repairing, replacing, or installing a new metal roof, wrongly installed fasteners can cause roof leaks and water damages to your property. Pay attention to proper fastener installation to avoid potential damages and harm to your metal roof. Make sure to install fasteners with little resistance and never leave them under tightened or overtightened. Keep them straight when screwing and tight them properly to leave no room for leakage or other roofing issues.

Incorrect Sealant

The core purpose of the sealant is to keep elements like water or dirt out of your roof. Since dirt and water can compromise the quality and longevity of a metal roof, sealants can keep your roof protected from these elements. But poorly installed sealants could be inclined to roof leaks. When installed properly, sealants can harm your roof instead of increasing its lifespan and endurance.

Therefore, make sure to use sealants that are made for metal roofs and install them properly. If you are facing issues while installing sealants on your metal roof, you must hire professionals to get it done professionally.

Improperly Attaching Flashing

Flashing is the best way to stop water from entering into the structure at a metal roof joint or penetration. When flashing is not attached properly to the metal roofing system, wetness can easily get into the roof to result in roof leaks or water damage. Whether you are repairing your metal roof or installing a new one, attach flashing to the roof properly to avoid potential roof damages. Ensure to attach flashing to areas like chimneys, ventilation ducts, and skylights to prevent moisture or water damages in extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or storm. Selection of the right flashing is also important to make sure each part of the roof is covered completely. Seal your metal roof properly with right-sized flashing to allow water to flow on the roof and prevent it from entering into the joints or penetration of the metal roofing.

Pipe flashing Covered with a Few Screws

Penetration like PVC pipe or chimney is the area of your metal roof that is most prone to water leakage. Flashing these areas with proper care is important to keep your roof from water leaks and other roofing issues. But some homeowners cover these areas with flashing using a few screws or fasteners to keep the water flowing on the roof. This is not the right way to cover those areas for potential leakage. Use right-sized flashing with the right number of screws that are tightened properly.

Wrong Underlayment

Skipping underlayment or using the wrong underlayment is one of the common metal roof repair and installation mistakes. It is an installation error that you can easily avoid. Since it is used to add an extra layer of protection to increase the endurance of your metal roof, you should choose the right one for your structure. Check with your contractors and ask which type of underlayment is allowed for your roof because the use of a wrong underlayment can cause a canceled warranty.

Not Hiring Experts for the Job

Since roofing systems are different, they are not created equal to installation or repair. When it comes to repairing, replacing, or installing metal roofs, not hiring professionals to complete the job can end up with serious roofing problems, project delays, and added costs as well. Instead of doing it yourself, hire professional contractors that are experienced specifically with metal roofing installation. Sign a contract with a company that has many years of experience in metal roof installation and repair.

Do proper research and visit multiple metal roofing contractors in your town when you want to carry out any type of metal roofing project. When hiring contractors, ask the right questions and check if they are licensed and insured. Getting quotes from multiple contractors is also a great idea to choose the best one with the right competencies at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

Repairing and installation mistakes in metal roofing projects can cause unexpected project delays and added costs as well. This is the reason, you must aware of all the common mistakes to avoid during metal roof repair and installation to complete your projects successfully in a timely manner. To avoid common metal roofing problems, you should buy materials from popular vendors in your area. Then research the marketing and hire professional metal roofing contractors to get the job done. Make sure to check their previous work examples and customer testimonials. This will help you make an informed decision based on customer recommendations and reviews to ensure their services are worth your money.