Inver Grove Heights Storm Damage Repair

Severe weather can cause tremendous damage to a home. And while our first thought is our roofs when we think of storm damage repair, the truth is inclement weather can shatter windows, crack siding, and puncture or split brick. When we examine our homes after a storm, we may find significant property damage. But even minor damage can cause homeowners a serious and expensive headache if not repaired quickly. Thankfully, A to Z Construction has experts in storm damage repair ready to send to your Inver Grove Heights home. We know how stressful storm damage can be and make completing emergency repairs as painless as possible. Contact us today for your emergency storm damage repair needs.

Here to Help After Hail, Wind, or Water Damage

Whether your property damage stems from rain, snow, wind, or hail, we’ve got the experience, resources, and personnel to fix it. We’re ready to go after every major weather event in the area and will deploy experts to your home to inspect, evaluate, and repair your damage when you call us. Providing emergency storm damage repair since 2004 to Inver Grove Heights homes, we’re your go-to for all of your emergency exterior repair needs.

Of course, you’re going to call a repair company if, after a storm, there are football-sized holes in your roof. But perhaps you’ve walked around your house, seen minor damage, and don’t know whether to call a repair company. In many cases, some forms of minor damage will get worse over time, requiring more expensive repairs. Here’s what to look for as you examine your home after the storm.

How Can Storms Impact a Home?

No matter the severity of a storm, it’s always important to inspect your home in its wake. Take a close look all around the outside of your house. Lean in and examine things closely to identify possible signs of damage. Harsh weather can cause damage to your home’s:

  • Roofing and shingles
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Building foundation

Each of these elements helps your home maintain its structural integrity, keeping your home standing and safe. But when seemingly minor weather-related damage is left unrepaired untreated, the more damage the next storm will cause. In short order, you won’t be able to enjoy the same protection from the outside elements, insulation from extreme temperatures, or even assurance that your building won’t collapse. So, you have to make sure you’re outside after each storm checking for damage.

What Are the Signs of Storm Damage?

If you’re not an industry professional or experienced DIY’er, you may not know what to look for. The following are signs of storm damage that could point to a need for serious repairs or an experienced pro to assess whether they are, in fact, minor issues:

  • Cracks
  • Dents
  • Holes
  • Chipped paint
  • Lingering moisture

Other areas for concern are shattered glass window panes or damaged frames. Clogged gutters should be cleaned and might mask gutter or downspout damage. You want to immediately identify these areas and have them evaluated by an experienced professional. Handling these repairs now can save you money down the line and keep you and your family safe. Contact A to Z Construction today to schedule an inspection of your storm damage and a repair quote.

So Much More Than Storm Repairs

Though we provide exceptional emergency storm damage repair services, A to Z Construction also offers so much more. A one-stop-shop for exterior residential and commercial restoration, we offer a wide variety of repair, replacement, and installation options to help you maintain and upgrade your home. We can not only help you weatherproof, but also beautify your home with attractive door, siding, window, and roofing options that can enhance your property’s curb appeal. Our services include:

Not only can we repair storm damage to your existing deck, but we can also weatherproof and beautify your existing one. Or, if you don’t have a deck but have always dreamed of one, we can build one for you that adds value to your home and complies with all Inver Grove Heights construction regulations.

We make installing and maintaining gutters simple and easy. Don’t wrestle with cleaning huge clogs or repairing substantial gutter damage. Call the experts at A to Z Construction who can take care of your gutter challenges in no time.

Using best-in-class materials, we offer the highest quality door and window options you’ll find in Inver Grove Heights, MN. You shouldn’t suffer heavy heating and cooling bills each year when all it takes is a phone call to us to evaluate and fix your weak spots. Plus, we offer options that keep you the most secure and insulated while enhancing your property’s curb appeal.

We often see our homeowner customers overlooking damage to their siding. Whether it’s cracks, splits, or peeling, many people put off fixing their siding in favor of more common repairs, like roofs and doors. But repairing damaged siding can ensure that you don’t see a spike in your heating and electricity bills. And ignoring the damage now can result in more expensive fixes later.

While often overlooked in terms of curb appeal, soffit and fascia are very important. Soffit is the underside of the overhang of your roof, while fascia is the board on the front of the overhang where your gutters are placed. Both should be in excellent shape to enhance your property’s curb appeal, venting, and gutter functions. Plus, a well-maintained soffit can help keep pests out of your home. If you’re unfamiliar with these two terms, call our experts and let us walk you through some efficient and attractive options.

Not only do we perform high-quality emergency storm repair damage for homeowners, but we do so for commercial and industrial properties as well. We also have extensive experience performing a wide range of complex commercial property repair, replacement, and restoration projects uniquely tailored to specific Inver Grove Heights business needs. Whether you need to patch your warehouse roof or convert your roof space to storage, we have the know-how, people, and top-shelf materials to get the job done. Explore our service offerings, then give us a call to discuss your unique commercial repair or restoration needs.

Your Fast Fix for Inver Grove Heights Storm Damage

Whether you need simple patchwork, extensive repair, or replacement, A to Z Construction is your go-to for storm damage repair. Helping homeowners and business owners handle storm damage since 2004, we’re recognized as one of the best construction companies in Minnesota because of our exceptional customer service and quality work.

We’ll not only help you handle your emergency storm damage but stand by you through the insurance claims process as well. We’ll also make sure your repairs are performed with the highest-quality materials and industry-standard best practices, so you’re best prepared when the next storm hits. And our extensive construction service offerings keep us up-to-date on the kinds of styles and designs that will not only protect your home or business but also enhance its value.

Don’t wait for the next storm to hit. Contact us now to discuss your emergency repair or exterior restoration needs.