Coon Rapids Bathroom Remodel

If you are looking to design the new bathroom you have always wanted, choosing A to Z Construction’s Coon Rapids bathroom remodelers is your best option for getting exactly what you want at a reasonable price.

Whether you are interested in a small bathroom remodel or a complete bathroom remodel that significantly increases the size of your space, our Coon Rapids bathroom remodeling contractors are here to help you get exactly what you want the first time. From incorporating your favorite details to supplying our own suggestions if you are not sure which option would look best for a particular area, our expertise makes planning your Coon Rapids bathroom remodel easier than ever.

Local Coon Rapids Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Selecting a bathroom remodeling contractor that is familiar with local regulations is a must when it comes to making sure that your project adheres to standards in your area. From securing permits to verifying your plumbing and other supplies meet local requirements, choosing A to Z Construction means that you will be able to spend more time on the fun part of designing your new bathroom and less time worrying about the logistics.

The simplicity of working with us places our Coon Rapids bathroom remodeling contractors among the favorites of residents of Coon Rapids and surrounding areas.

Complete Coon Rapids Bathroom Remodels

If you are considering a complete bathroom remodel, A to Z Construction is here to make the process easier for Coon Rapids residents every step of the way. Our extensive knowledge of the latest bathroom design trends, local regulations, and complex construction techniques mean that we are your best option for getting the bathroom you want without the hassle of working with a less experienced contractor.

Our experienced Coon Rapids bathroom remodelers can help you select new bathroom flooring, tile, faucets, fixtures, shower accessories, cabinets, doors, wall paint, window sills, and anything else you are interested in adding to create a modern, cohesive appearance.

Bathroom Flooring and Tile

Adding new flooring is an easy way to improve the appearance of any bathroom, and this can be an ideal first step if you are not sure if you are ready to invest in a full bathroom remodel. Replacing your broken, scratched, discolored, or otherwise damaged flooring with modern, stylish tiles can help your bathroom take on a new look on its own, and it is often one of the most important things to decide on first if you are planning a full remodel that involves replacing the majority of your bathroom because the color and style of your floor will need to complement your new fixtures, cabinets, and other items.

Bathroom Faucets and Fixtures

Replacing your faucets and fixtures can also improve the overall appearance of your bathroom, even if you are undecided about replacing your sink or bathtub itself. These fixtures can perfectly match the handles on your cabinets, light switches, and other small touches or simply work well alongside them to give your bathroom an overall unified appearance. This step can improve the appearance, functionality, and energy efficiency of your bathroom’s water use.

Bathroom Shower Remodel

Adding an attractive new showerhead with better water pressure and temperature control, and retiling the walls of your shower is another important aspect of a complete bathroom remodel. We can also add a sliding glass door, built-in shelving, and other finishing touches to your shower, and this bathroom shower remodeling process can help give your bathroom a simple, modern appearance.

Best Bathroom Designers in Coon Rapids

Choosing A to Z Construction as your bathroom remodeling company means you will only have to do as much work as you want to throughout the planning process. Although you can certainly contribute any ideas you already have, our bathroom designers have plenty of expertise when it comes to determining how to get the aesthetic you want and tie it all together.

We can fill in any gaps in your design that you do not have a specific plan for, as well as handle much of the work of securing a permit for you.

You will generally need to obtain a building permit prior to beginning most bathroom remodel projects in Coon Rapids. Certain minor remodels that will not impact the city’s water supply or create a safety hazard if done incorrectly generally do not require a permit, such as replacing the tile on your bathroom floor. Some types of minor repairs, such as replacing a broken part on an appliance or repairing a leaky faucet, are also unlikely to require you to obtain a building permit.

However, most larger remodeling projects and any project that involves replacing your faucets, plumbing, septic system, or other aspects of your water supply typically will need a permit. Any project that could affect your neighbors or make your home unsafe will require you to obtain a permit to ensure that the work is done correctly, even if you plan to do it yourself.

The total amount of time that you will need to invest into your bathroom remodel largely depends on the size of your bathroom and the extent of the changes you are planning. On average, most bathroom remodels take between 3-6 weeks, and the majority of remodeling projects take approximately one month to complete.

This estimate covers how long you can expect for the work itself to be completed, and any time spent designing your new bathroom, selecting materials, applying for permits, and choosing a Coon Rapids bathroom remodeling contractor will be in addition to this time frame.